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GTD-6000 Ex - CA | GTD-6000 Ex - HEX | GTD-6000 Ex - TEX

Máy thu khí kết hợp phát hiện khí dễ cháy hãng Gastron


GTD-6000 gas detector has been developed to detect gas leaked from industrial sites and various toxic gases generated from factories, gas storages, and manufacturing processes that produce or use toxic gases and to prevent accidents in advance. GTD-6000 gas detector is installed in areas with gas leak hazards and continuously monitors gas leak. It displays measurements on built-in FND within the gas detector, output DC 4~20 mA standard signal and RS-485 network signal, and provides relay contact signal in case of gas leak alarm event. Also, DC 4~20 mA standard output is capable of connecting max. 2,500 m for output signal transmission between gas detector and receiver (when using VVS or CVVSB 1.5sq↑ Shield Cable). For RS-485 network signal, it is capable of transmitting up to 1,000 m (when using RS-485 designated shield cable).


GTD-6000 case is made of ABS for protection. This product can be installed in areas with combustible gas leak and explosion hazards. 4-Digit FND built-in the gas detector displays gas leak status as installed site. Internal structure consists of display that indicates measurement, main control that measures and controls gas concentration and flow rate, and terminal that sends current output (DC 4 ~ 20 mA) or RS-485 network signal, and alarm signal externally.