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GTD-3000 Tx | Máy phát hiện khí độc khuếch tán trong môi trường


GTD-3000Tx toxic gas detector has been developed to detect gas leaked from industrial sites and various flammable gases generated from factories, gas storages, and manufacturing processes that produce or use toxic gases and to prevent accidents in advance. GTD-3000Tx toxic gas detector is installed in areas with gas leak hazards and continuously monitors gas leak. It displays measurements on built-in displays (LCD) of the detector and provides DC 4~20 mA standard output signal. Also, for DC 4~20 mA standard output, output signal transmission length between detector and receiver can be connected up to 2,500 m. (When Cable CVVS or CVVSB 1.5sq and higher is used.) GTD-3000Tx toxic gas detector must be used at a height below 1,000 m above sea level.


Body of GTD-3000Tx is made of Aluminum alloy and the gas sensor module is made of stainless steel. It consists of a complete explosion-proof enclosure (Ex d IIC T6). This product can be installed in areas with toxic gas leak and explosion hazards. It has built-in LCD on the detector to display gas leak status at installed site. Internal configuration consists of display part that indicates measurements, terminal part that output measurements (DC 4~-20mA) externally, and a PCB board. External configuration consists of detector part that monitors gas leak and cable inlets. It uses magnet-bar outside the main body of detector enabling calibration from the outside of the detector, thus, maintenance is convenient.

Code đặt hàng cho GTD-3000-Tx

GTD-3000 Ex - CA GTD-3000 Tx - BF3
GTD-3000 Ex - HEX GTD-3000 Tx - Br2 
GTD-3000 Ex - TEX GTD-3000 Tx - COCl2 
GTD-3000 Tx - O2  GTD-3000 Tx - ClF3 
GTD-3000 Tx - Cl2 GTD-3000 Tx - F2
GTD-3000 Tx - CO GTD-3000 Tx - GeH4
GTD-3000 Tx - EO GTD-3000 Tx - HBr
GTD-3000 Tx - H2 GTD-3000 Tx - HF
GTD-3000 Tx - H2S GTD-3000 Tx - O3
GTD-3000 Tx - HCl GTD-3000 Tx - PCL3
GTD-3000 Tx - HCN GTD-3000 Tx - PH3
GTD-3000 Tx - NH3 GTD-3000 Tx - POCl3 
GTD-3000 Tx - NO GTD-3000 Tx - Si2H6
GTD-3000 Tx - NO2 GTD-3000 Tx - SiCl4
GTD-3000 Tx - PO GTD-3000 Tx - SiH2Cl2
GTD-3000 Tx - SO2 GTD-3000 Tx - SiH4
GTD-3000 Tx - SO3  GTD-3000 Tx - TiCL4
GTD-3000 Tx - AsH3  GTD-3000 Tx - WF6
GTD-3000 Tx - B2H6 GTD-3000 Tx - BCl3