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Mô tả: Máy dò khí dễ cháy GIR 3000 Gastron
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Ngày đăng: 04-10-2019

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Gastron Việt Nam | Đại lý phân phối Gastron tại Việt Nam

GIR 3000 | Máy dò khí dễ cháy dạng tia hồng ngoại Gastron


The GIR-3000 infrared Gas detector has been developed to prevent accidents beforehand by detecting various
leaked gases generated in industry fields such as plants producing or using combustible gas, carbon monoxide,
carbon dioxide, gas storage place, manufacturing processes, etc.
The GIR-3000 infrared Gas detector is installed in areas with a risk of gas leakage  to display measured values
with LCD, OLED  installed in the detector by continuous detection of gas leakage, providing DC 4~20mA standard
output, Isolation RS-485 communication signal, HART communication, and Relay contact signal of gas Alarm. Also,
DC 4~20mA standard output can connect up to the maximum of 500m (upon using CVVS or CVVSB 1.5sq↑ Shield
Cable) in transmission distance of output signals of Gas detector and receiving unit while RS-485 communication
signal can be transmitted up to1,000m (upon using RS-485  exclusive line).


The GIR-3000’s body is made of aluminum alloy material in a structure of complete pressure-resistant explosionproof

type(Ex d IIC T6), can be installed in the areas with a risk of leakage and explosion of all combustible gases,
displaying leakage situation of gas at the installed field by embedding LCD, OLED in the Gas detector. Inside structure
is comprised of liquid crystal unit displaying measured values, connector unit  outputting measured values (DC
4~20mA) or Isolation RS-485 communication (Option) Signal,  HART
communication signal, and Alarm Signal to outside, and 2 PCB Boards. Outside structure is comprised of Sensor
unit for detection of gas leakage and Cable lead-in unit (2ea). Calibration operation can be conducted outside of Gas
detector body by using Magnet-bar, making maintenance and repair operation convenient.

GIR-3000 Ex - HC-D  GIR-3000 Tx - CO-S 
GIR-3000 Ex - HC-S  GIR-3000 Tx CO2-D 
GIR-3000 Tx - CO-D  GIR-3000 Tx - CO2-S 
GIR-3000 Tx - N2O-D  GIR-3000 Tx - N2O-S 
GDC000-OP - RS485
Option: GDC000-OP - HART
GTD-6000 Ex - CA  GTD-6000 Tx - NH3
GTD-6000 Ex - HEX GTD-6000 Tx - NO
GTD-6000 Ex - TEX GTD-6000 Tx - NO2
GTD-6000 Tx - O2 GTD-6000 Tx - PO
GTD-6000 Tx - Cl2 GTD-6000 Tx - SO2
GTD-6000 Tx - CO GTD-6000 Tx - SO3
GTD-6000 Tx - EO GTD-6000 Tx - AsH3
GTD-6000 Tx - H2 GTD-6000 Tx - B2H6
GTD-6000 Tx - H2S GTD-6000 Tx - BCl3
GTD-6000 Tx - HCl GTD-6000 Tx - BF3
GTD-6000 Tx - HCN  GTD-6000 Tx - Br2
GTD-6000 Tx - COCl2 GTD-6000 Tx - ClF3
GTD-6000 Tx - F2 GTD-6000 Tx - GeH4
GTD-6000 Tx - HBr GTD-6000 Tx - HF
GTD-6000 Tx - O3 GTD-6000 Tx - PCL3 
GTD-6000 Tx - PH3  GTD-6000 Tx - SiCl4
GTD-6000 Tx - POCl3 GTD-6000 Tx - SiH2Cl2
GTD-6000 Tx - Si2H6 GTD-6000 Tx - SiH4
GTD-6000 Tx - TiCL4   GTD-6000 Tx - WF6 
GTD-1000 Ex - CA GTD-1000 Tx - COCl2            
GTD-1000 Ex - HEX  GTD-1000 Tx - ClF3 
GTD-1000 Ex - TEX GTD-1000 Tx - F2
GTD-1000 Tx - O2  GTD-1000 Tx - GeH4
GTD-1000 Tx - Cl2  GTD-1000 Tx - HBr
GTD-1000 Tx - CO GTD-1000 Tx - HF
GTD-1000 Tx - EO GTD-1000 Tx - O3
GTD-1000 Tx - H2 GTD-1000 Tx - PCL3
GTD-1000 Tx - H2S  GTD-1000 Tx - PH3
GTD-1000 Tx - HCl GTD-1000 Tx - POCl3
GTD-1000 Tx - HCN GTD-1000 Tx - Si2H6
GTD-1000 Tx - NH3 GTD-1000 Tx - SiCl4
GTD-1000 Tx - NO GTD-1000 Tx - SiH2Cl2
GTD-1000 Tx - NO2 GTD-1000 Tx - SiH4 
GTD-1000 Tx - PO  GTD-1000 Tx - TiCL4
GTD-1000 Tx - SO2 GTD-1000 Tx - WF6 
GTD-1000 Tx - SO3 GTD-1000 Tx - BCl3
GTD-1000 Tx - AsH3 GTD-1000 Tx - BF3
GTD-1000 Tx - B2H6 GTD-1000 Tx - Br2 
GTD-2000 Ex - CA GTD-2000 Tx - BCl3 
GTD-2000 Ex - HEX GTD-2000 Tx - BF3
GTD-2000 Ex - TEX GTD-2000 Tx - Br2 
GTD-2000 Tx - O2  GTD-2000 Tx - COCl2  
GTD-2000 Tx - Cl2 GTD-2000 Tx - ClF3
GTD-2000 Tx - CO GTD-2000 Tx - F2
GTD-2000 Tx - EO GTD-2000 Tx - GeH4
GTD-2000 Tx - H2 GTD-2000 Tx - HBr 
GTD-2000 Tx - H2S GTD-2000 Tx - HF
GTD-2000 Tx - HCl GTD-2000 Tx - O3
GTD-2000 Tx - HCN GTD-2000 Tx - PCL3 
GTD-2000 Tx - NH3 GTD-2000 Tx - PH3
GTD-2000 Tx - NO GTD-2000 Tx - POCl3
GTD-2000 Tx - NO2 GTD-2000 Tx - Si2H6
GTD-2000 Tx - PO GTD-2000 Tx - SiCl4 
GTD-2000 Tx - SO2 GTD-2000 Tx - SiH2Cl2 
GTD-2000 Tx - SO3  GTD-2000 Tx - SiH4
GTD-2000 Tx - AsH3 GTD-2000 Tx - TiCL4
GTD-2000 Tx - B2H6 GTD-2000 Tx - WF6 
GTD-3000 Ex - CA GTD-3000 Tx - BF3
GTD-3000 Ex - HEX GTD-3000 Tx - Br2 
GTD-3000 Ex - TEX GTD-3000 Tx - COCl2 
GTD-3000 Tx - O2  GTD-3000 Tx - ClF3 
GTD-3000 Tx - Cl2 GTD-3000 Tx - F2
GTD-3000 Tx - CO GTD-3000 Tx - GeH4
GTD-3000 Tx - EO GTD-3000 Tx - HBr
GTD-3000 Tx - H2 GTD-3000 Tx - HF
GTD-3000 Tx - H2S GTD-3000 Tx - O3
GTD-3000 Tx - HCl GTD-3000 Tx - PCL3
GTD-3000 Tx - HCN GTD-3000 Tx - PH3
GTD-3000 Tx - NH3 GTD-3000 Tx - POCl3 
GTD-3000 Tx - NO GTD-3000 Tx - Si2H6
GTD-3000 Tx - NO2 GTD-3000 Tx - SiCl4
GTD-3000 Tx - PO GTD-3000 Tx - SiH2Cl2
GTD-3000 Tx - SO2 GTD-3000 Tx - SiH4
GTD-3000 Tx - SO3  GTD-3000 Tx - TiCL4
GTD-3000 Tx - AsH3  GTD-3000 Tx - WF6
GTD-3000 Tx - B2H6 GTD-3000 Tx - BCl3 
0.1m 2 n-Heptane pan fire @ 30m (Horizontal : 100° Vertical : 100°)
0.1m 2 n-Heptane pan fire @ 50m (Horizontal : 100° Vertical : 100°)
GTC-200-04CH GTC-200-14CH
GTC-200-05CH GTC-200-15CH
GTC-200-06CH GTC-200-16CH
GTC-200-07CH GTC-200-17CH 
GTC-200-08CH GTC-200-18CH
GTC-200-09CH GTC-200-19CH
GTC-200-10CH GTC-200-20CH
GTC-200-11CH GTC-200-04CHEX
GTC-200-12CH  GTC-200-10CHRA